Natural Structure and Movement are key for healing

Without our conscious knowledge and without any fanfare, the healing made possible by coordinated structure and movement is everywhere. Breakthroughs in our understanding of molecular natural structure and movement offer solutions to many of our biggest problems. This growing base of understanding sheds light on the basic structure of air, water, and genes.

We’re learning how movement in precise and consistent geometric patterns is critical for life. It is part of genetic expression, communication between cells and organisms, and potentially everything. You could say it’s energy expressing itself. Water, for example, seems to want to flow or interact with the world in certain ways. We use terms like: structured, re-set, coherent, natural, pure, balanced, happy, and alive.

Your nose has been structuring air for you since your first breath. Yogic breathing practices that alternatively close one nostril then the other have used this “technology” for centuries without needing a scientific explanation. The left nostril spins the air to the right and the right nostril spins it to the left, cleansing it as it moves. When you breathe through your mouth, you take in whatever pollution and contaminants are in the air.

From arrogance to appreciation wrt Nature

I’m starting to tune in to the more-subtle energy of water to feel the differences between water that’s in integrity (structured) or out of integrity (i.e. tap water).  It makes me sad for the energetic state of most of the planet’s water but also hopeful that we are finding simple, sustainable solutions to make peace with the water we have disregarded and abused for so long.

Here are two examples of humans starting to understand and use these principles: A building in Mexico city with a high-tech façade that neutralizes pollutants as air passes around and through it. The movement of air re-structures its chemistry.

natural structure

The structure of our DNA is only a double helix while cells are dividing. The structure is far even complicated structure – and critical – than that!


Another thread I’m following at the moment centers on my drinking water. I’m investigating what happens when I drink “structured” water from a Natural Action Technologies unit. The water itself seems different. I notice, for example, that fresh-squeezed lemon juice “dances” for quite a while after mixing with structured water. It felt l like my body was adjusting to something.


By the end of the first day drinking structured water it’s not uncommon for a person to have a headache. This is attributed to the detoxifying effect of the water.

I didn’t have a headache my first full day. I began drinking structured water gradually and I suspect that some of the detoxifying had already begun. (Presuming that it was happening at all.) I The second and third day, I felt energized and clear; then on the third day, I had what felt to me like a bacterial wash-out. I was clearly purging extra bacteria from my system. There were no other changes I could attribute that to. I drank even more water and a couple of bottles of unsweetened cranberry juice to help my bladder handle the extra load it was flushing and prevent infection.

Portable, effective device

Device inventor, Clayton Nolte, said you can also structure the air by turning his device upside down and blowing through it. You can blow through the device onto your bottle of juice or anything and change the energy of it.  Masaru Emoto showed us that you can pray over your water and change its structure, but you can’t maintain prayer status all the time. This technology maintains it for you. Because the device puts the intention into action.

structured water

I read a rebuttal by a retired chemistry professor from Canada that insists that structured water is a hoax. Traditional Science has no way to account for/quantify life force. Imagine a deer hunter who seeing a llama for the first time. He shoots it because that’s all he knows to do, and then insists that he’s slain a deformed deer. Over a century ago, scientific investigation “proved” that “ether” or “the void around matter” is inert, dead and devoid of life. That assumption has not been widely challenged or revisited with modern equipment. That is probably another critical missing link in scientific exploration of HOW LIFE ENERGY OPERATES.

Traditional Science doesn’t have the equipment to measure or the open-mindedness to hold some of the concepts that are emerging about water.  Leaps of imagination are intuitive, out-of-the box conceptualizations, and not strictly Traditional Science. But then the researchers and inventors who come up with these new structuring technologies use scientific techniques to corroborate their findings.



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