Healing Catalyst Network – My Vision for a Global Healers’ Network

The mission of Healing Catalyst Network: To provide a connective hub for integrative healers, alternative practitioners and those who are interested in their wisdom and services. We share resources and support for the greater good of ourselves, others and the planet.


Primarily, The Healing Catalyst Network will be an internet forum with listings of practitioners sorted by What they do and Where they do it. As the resource grows and more people join to add their ideas and expertise, we will expand to offer other services.  The Network will be a healing force in the world.

The goal is to establish this forum in the spirit of generosity. We want to share helpful, and even life-changing information. We also share the greatest physical, emotional, spiritual and conceptual good for all.

If this is something you are passionate about too, share your ideas and expertise. We need a webmaster for this, ideally one with both healing knowledge and experience, and tech savvy. This is meant to be a collaborative resource.


yin-yang-50Healers need support from each other.

yin-yang-50Healers need people to find them so they can do their work.

yin-yang-50People need clear, easy access to information about who to consult for their healing issues.

yin-yang-50Most healers are Highly Perceptive People and need appropriate understanding, support, and resources.

yin-yang-50Earth and it’s humans need healing, now. So many of us are poised and ready to help. We need a connective resource to bring us together:  Healer-Healer and Healer-Client.

People call or e-mail me from all over the world saying they’ve read my book and want to have a session with a healing catalyst like me.  But what do I tell them? There hasn’t been a resource hub to give them this information about alternative healers – but there can be! We just need to organize ourselves. Let’s build a healers’ hub, together!!


Healing Catalysts are massage therapists, physicians, psychologists, yogis, acupuncturists, chiropractors, shamans, life coaches – healers who work with people and uses their intuition and heart along with skill, knowledge and expertise in their practices.

Healing Catalysts are innovators and pioneers who think and feel outside the box. We work from the heart as well as from the mind; and we integrate various fields or modalities in our work.


The forum would exist on the web, on your phone, in your home. The practitioners can be anywhere around the world; in-person or remote.


If you want to help with this exciting forum, please contact me.  I had a website planned and the domain registered, but I didn’t have the time or energy to execute it by myself. The vision is big and it needs to involve many people. 

Everyone will have a different experience with each healing catalyst, based on their experience, biases, etc.  We establish this forum to be about generosity, the spirit of sharing helpful – even life-changing information – and the greatest physical, emotional, spiritual and conceptual good for all. Please use the feedback pages conscientiously.

We will collect this data and start to build the forum website architecture. If this is something you are passionate about too, let’s share ideas and expertise. We need a webmaster for this, ideally one with healing knowledge/experience. This will be a collaborative resource.  Please contact me if you are a webdesigner or you are interested in helping to build such a hub.