Healing Catalyst Workshops explore the power of integrating psychological and emotional awareness with physical touch and intuition!

Come to a Healing Catalyst Workshop with Denise LaBarre if you want to: 1. Develop your emotional intuition, 2. Understand how emotional energy becomes physical, or 3. Simply want to feel better in our own body.  Her courses are specifically designed for sensitives, aka Highly Perceptive People. Everyone with a body and a willingness to explore within is welcome!  If you are a bodyworker, yoga instructor, or psychological therapist, you can move into deeper levels of healing through mastery workshops for Bodyworkers and Healing Professionals.

faviconIssues in Your Tissues Workshop, Level 1

For the general public.  In this workshop, we use Issues In Your Tissues concepts to build a body-centered awareness of our physical and emotional issues. Participants get hands-on practice feeling into their own and others’ stuck emotional energy.  We explore both what you are dealing with in your own body, and give you tools to use with other people.  Students share what they have noticed and experienced in their lives and practices and link all their gifts for use in new and expansive ways.  These workshops are a fabulous addition to any massage, yoga or healing school curriculum.200

The emphasis is on exploration and integration of the physical and emotional challenges and issues we face.  We have a lot of fun exploring, connecting and appreciating the miracle of our bodies.   3-7 hours. The more time we have, the more we can explore.


Issues in Your Tissues Workshop, Level 2 +

Level 2 Workshops build on a Level 1 concepts and include a demonstration of a full Issue in Your Tissues session and discussion. These workshops may also have a specific focus, custom-tailored to the needs of the participants or a specific issue, such as osteoporosis or overweight.  We delve deeper into the integration of physical and emotional in their work and have time for more hands-on practice of concepts and techniques. Participants identify and develop their intuitive strengths for use in their work and lives, generally. 

NOTE: Workshops are not a substitute for Private Session work.


Master Workshops  for Healing Professionals

In Healing Catalyst Workshops for Professionals, you will learn new techniques to compliment any style of healing work you offer.  The Healing Catalyst approach goes beyond traditional massage to incorporate “intuitive listening” and an awareness of emotional issues with physical touch.  Denise LaBarre is a natural teacher and her passion for this work is infectious.  Let her deepen your appreciation for the human body in general, and for your body, specifically.  She can guide you through inner terrain that you have been unable to explore on your own. Her approach is direct, simple, and it works. She can teach you how to help others by using  a blend of your intuition, your own style and techniques, and the insights she will give you.

  • Develop your emotional intuition. 
  • Gather experience and confidence to let your intuitive insights soar. 
  • Delve into the nuts and bolts of physical-emotional manifestation. 
  • Explore how traumatic experiences manifest in the body energetically, physically, and emotionally.
    • Trauma such as: physical abuse, incest, auto-immune disease, loss of love, car accidents, obesity, smoking, and addiction. 
  • Learn tools and techniques to expand your work into a more holistic and integrated practice.  Practice compassionate listening and holding the space for the whole person.  
  • Workshops are custom tailored for each student group.

Bodyworkers will explore the psychological and emotional ramifications of their work; Psychologists and therapists will integrate awareness of physical into theirs.


Prerequisites: Must have read  Issues in Your Tissues, be familiar with mind-emotion-body concepts, and be willing to explore within.

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