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If you would like to schedule Denise for your radio show, book review site, or blog, please contact us.  She is currently available for interviews, guest blogging, podcasts and webinars.

Archived Interviews

yin yang symbolRadio Interview with me, Denise LaBarre, on Off the Record – hosted by Bill Best on KAKU, 1/17, you get to hear directly from my client, Yvette Crosby, as she describes her life-changing transformation through doing Issues in Your Tissues private sessions with me and by reading my book.



yin yang symbol Exclusive interview with Paige Baldwin about the process of healing body – mind – emotion.  Read more here.

yin yang symbol Learn more about Denise LaBarre’s writing process with her guest blog on The Book Connection.  Read more here.

yin yang symbol Radio interview with “Living with HOPE” Radio Show to learn more about Denise’s book and her work Listen here