Healing for Healers


Resource page for Healers and Healing Professionals

You are a Healing Catalyst if…    

  • …you are a Bodyworker, Healer, Physician, Psychologist, Yogi, Life Coach, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, or Alternative Healer.
  • …you use your intuition as part of what you do.
  • …your healing practice is integrative and/or transformative. Do you think, work and feel “outside-the-box”?
  • …you work with people, their bodies, and their emotions.
  • …you make healing connections – for people, animals, plants, and/or the planet.
  • …your life mission is service.
  • …you know you are here to be of service to others and the planet.
  • …you say “yes” to any combination of these statements.

We have resources for you here!

We are always expanding our resources for Healing Professionals.


Healing Catalyst Workshops for Bodyworkers and Healing Professionals

  • Learn the Healing Catalyst approach to body-emotional healing at our Healing workshops.
  • Build your intuitive strength and confidence.
  • Learn how to integrate what you know about body and emotion with deeper intuitive insights. Read her book. Read her articles (scroll down on this page); watch videos
  • Bring Denise to your School or Group.

In these healing workshops we explore how mind and body are connected through our emotions. The concepts and techniques we explore are for both personal and professional application. The emphasis is on experiencing the connection directly.

In our basic Issues in Your Tissues workshop, participants will learn:

  • How unprocessed emotional energy is stored in our bodies.
  • How “stuffing” down unwanted emotion causes stress, physical problems, and disease.
  • That shallow breathing is a mechanism of shut down.It can be reversed with understanding and attention.
  • To resolve symptoms, while feeling more alive, and healthy in your body.
  • This is an enriching addition to any massage school curriculum!

Master Workshops for Healing Professionals – custom tailored 

Deepen and integrate your approach to the physical, emotional and psychological issues you and your clients face.   Develop your intuitive tools, learn new techniques and get a new sense of your power and range in working with the whole person.   Bodyworkers will learn emotional and intuitive techniques. Non-touch practitioners will learn how to include the body, and its insights for deeper client healing.  Master-level workshops are tailored to the needs and skill levels of the participants. The point is to expand your practical range to include both body, and emotion. After all, you encounter them together in your students, and clients.


Master Workshops for Bodyworkers

Learn about emotional energy and how it is stored in the body.  Participants learn how to facilitate emotional release in their students.  I empower them to articulate and trust their intuition about what they find in clients’ bodies.  Classes include demos and practice sessions. See my Tears on the Table article.


Master Workshops for Yoga Instructors

Yogis develop the ability to tune into their own bodies through their practices. Unfortunately, however, they often don’t know how to hold space safely for emotional release in their classes.  In these workshops,  you will learn about emotional holding in the body, and how this relates to the physical body.  You will also learn how to integrate simple, direct touch, and awareness of emotional issues into your teaching. You’ll get practice holding space for emotional release on the mat. Students come away feeling empowered to invite and facilitate emotional release in their practices.


Master Workshops for Psychological Counselors

Learn how to include the physical dimension in your clinical work.  In these Master workshops, we learn how to blend psychological, and physical techniques. These techniques promote release and healing that goes deeper than words alone.  We also explore ways to add in physical elements within the boundaries of professional licensing.

 Articles for Bodyworkers and Estheticians

Tears on the Table

Everyone has unexpressed emotion and a spa treatment. Often, the treatment provides an opportunity to release it. Your skill in handling an emotional opening can turn a routine treatment, into one of deep healing.

Denise LaBarre’s article “Tears on the Table” which  first appeared in Les Nouvelles Esthètiques, May 2011.

If you are interested workshops for Healing Professionals or to host Denise at your professional event or training school, contact us to learn more!