Denise LaBarreDenise LaBarre, Healing Catalyst – Passion Statement

I see a world full of people empowered to bring their dreams to fruition and live life fully and joyfully. For many people a key step in their empowerment is to unhook any emotional issues – fear, sadness, anger, etc.- that keep them stuck in dysfunction and illness.  I help people bring awareness and resolution to the emotional wounds that manifest physically as stress, dis-ease, and worse. I catalyze people to evolve through physical-emotional blockage to unlock their full potential.  My greatest joy is helping highly perceptive people unblock their stuck emotions, reclaim their gifts, and use their superpowers in service to the world.

I am an emotional intuitive, a “Body Whisperer” with a gift for  connecting the psychological and emotional dots. I began listening to bodies with loving attention when I was very young.  My passion is to bring body-emotion reconnection to the world.  We are designed to be connected in our bodies and feeling our feelings. Unfortunately, most of us become socialized out of that connected awareness, often very early.  The journey to wholeness requires physical and emotional exploration as well as mental and spiritual work.

Are you a “sensitive”?

My work draws “sensitives” of all kinds because it is an unusual combination: psychologically deep, spiritually vast, AND physically grounded.  You have the means for your greatest healing and I can show you how to access it.
I am a pioneer of an intuitive (right-brain) approach to the mind-emotion-body connection. The modern world keeps us living in our heads. I invite you to get out of your head and move into your body and emotions. This might be just what you’ve been looking for.  You might that this will be a little uncomfortable, perhaps even threatening. I assure you that my book and my approach are full of love and acceptance for important parts of ourselves that otherwise get shoved to the back of the closet. I also invite you to play.  As we explore below the neck into the energy in our hearts and guts, we liberate our childlike wisdom and aliveness and truly come home to the joy of living as our whole selves.
Join me on Maui for the deep, reconnective play that can be your whole-being transformation.
Denise LaBarre, Healing Catalyst
Maui, 2022