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Finally! a fun and interactive tool to catalyze your exploration into the Issues in Your Tissues.  The Issues Quiz is short – only 20 questions. It will get you thinking about unconscious patterns and habits that might lie at the root of your physical and emotional problems. Choose the option that most fits you.   If the options don’t fit you exactly, pick the closest one.

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Explore the unresolved emotional energy that causes your stress, sleep problems, tight neck and shoulders – even serious dis-ease.  Gain confidence and skill to feel your feelings as they arise. Prevent the accumulation of energetic sludge that eventually results in illness.

I want to provoke thought and inspire you to take a little better care of yourself.  Baby steps work.  My website and my book are all about moving stuck emotional energy through your body so you will feel better, perform better, and enjoy more.  Everyone with a body has “issues” simply from living in the world with other other humans. Issues are rough or stuck spots that develop from trauma and wounding during the course of your life. These are emotional contractions that become physical holding patterns and they accumulate energy of like-vibration. If you are highly sensitive, you may be hampered by that stuck energy more than others.  It’s like having a more-sensitive settings on your emotional dial. You may also have accumulated so much wounding that your body (or psyche) is now saying, “That’s enough! It’s time to do something about this. You can feel better.”

I designed this quiz to stimulate your awareness about the emotional energy you carry from unresolved trauma and hurtful experiences. Use it as a tool for self-exploration.

Once You Have Your Results

Your answers will generate a response that helps you focus on improving your physical and emotional well-being.Now you have an idea whether reading my book, Issues in Your Tissues, will benefit you.

The fact that you are here, asking questions is wonderful. Congratulations. There’s a lot more to explore here! Bookmark this site and read more as you have time.

Issues quiz

Once you have your response, ask yourself how do you feel about it. There’s no judgment here.  We all have things we’re working on. That’s part of being alive!

I hope this quiz inspired you to explore the emotional energy you might be carrying in your body that could be at the root of your other physical symptoms.  Most physical problems such as stress, tight muscles, headaches, and sleep problems link back to emotions you couldn’t express cleanly in the moment.

Check out the articles, pages and blog posts here, or order a copy of my book, Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out.  It has stories, cartoons, insights, processes, and tools to help you identify and release the emotional energy that holds you back from being your healthiest, most alive and whole self.


This quiz does not diagnose any condition and you can take it as many times as you like. Your results will reflect changes in your health and attitude.

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