Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out  – the book you’ve been looking for!  

issues in your tissues the book, by Denise LaBarre Listen to your body’s intuitive wisdom and use it to heal yourself – from the inside, out.  Get your copy now!

yin yang symbol   Find the causes of persistent and unexplained pain.

yin yang symbol   Learn to breathe easily and fully throughout your day.

yin yang symbol  Alleviate stress and the physical problems it can cause.

yin yang symbol  Get out of your head and feel younger, more alive and relaxed in your body.

yin yang symbol  Find out what your body is telling you!

yin yang symbol  Its Stories, Cartoons, Exercise catalyze your healing.

yin yang symbol  Release stuck emotional energy that has been causing your symptoms – tension, pain, and dis-ease – and heal completely.

Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out  by Denise LaBarre  …is a book about the emotions your body has been expressing as symptoms, pain and disease. With this awareness, you can then take steps to connect your own dots and heal on all levels. It has stories, shared wisdom and exercises that help you integrate and realign physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of yourself. It explores emotion as a key factor in pain, illness and dis-ease and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms you experience.

In her book,

LaBarre tells stories from over thirty years of her own healing work to illustrate her intuitive approach to bodywork. Readers feel as if they’re sitting at the feet of an old healer telling stories that say, “This is what it can look like. You can heal this way, too.” The stories help readers make connections between the tension in their bodies and the emotional issues that may underlie them. Readers learn how they, too, can open up to shed their energetic “armor” and get indirect permission to do so. The results can be amazing. Professional massage therapists will appreciate the candid recounting of sessions as a touchstone for their own work. This book is confirmation that we’re finally ready to discuss intuitive bodywork openly.

The point is to experience it directly, in your own body. The stories and exercises in the book guide you inward to feel the benefits for yourself.


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Through entertaining stories, loving narrative, and simple exercises that get you to feel inside, it will bring you to understanding, aware experiencing, and ultimately, breakthrough. Readers report breakthroughs and healing “A-ha!”s even as they read.   Get your copy today!

Issues in Your Tissues will show you how to breathe fully throughout your day – in the transitions – and how much better you will feel when you do. LaBarre’s stories will inspire you to venture inside and explore the long locked-off territory of your inner emotional landscape. You will rediscover lost parts of yourself including emotions that you need to be whole and healthy. The process can be fast, easy, and painless. It starts simply, with intention and a deep breath.

Chapters include:

Breathing Like you Mean It,   Listening to Your Body,   Stress, the Body’s “No”,   Emotion – the Missing Link,   Coming into Alignment,    Healing is a Practice Sport

Most health books talk about the mind-body connection as if that’s all there is to it. You read the book and think, “Yes, that’s interesting, I get the concepts.”  You may even do a few of the exercises. But the information stays in your mind and there’s no substantial change in your body, and no shift in the way you go about your life. What they leave out of the equation is emotion, which is the mind-body link itself. You need to feel emotion for change to occur in your body. As you come to understand the emotions you carry physically and how to work with them, you don’t have to feel at the mercy of them any more. Learn to feel your emotions in your body and allow them to roll through you like a wave and out. You thereby make room for positive change and healing.

Reclaim the energized aliveness you were born with.

Glide through your days with more ease in your body and more energy in your life. It only takes a little understanding and the will to improve.

The first step toward living more alive in your body and less in your mind is taking a full breath. Chapter One of Issues in Your Tissues gives you an easy way to do that. From there, explore the embodied energy that gets carried from unresolved emotion through stories, learn how to release it, and move on to greater physical and emotional well-being.

Whether or not these ideas are new to you, the goal is to help you see them from a perspective that you haven’t seen before. You get inspiration and simple tools to help you reconnect into your body, more of the time. The book has twenty inspiring healing stories that entertain your mind, while re-inspiring your intuitive self to do its healing work. They show you how this reconnecting process looks and feels. Plus, each chapter has original cartoons and simple exercises to bring the ideas and insights home, into your body, now. They really help if you do them!

You like Stories!

The book has stories from my years of healing work which illustrate my intuitive approach to bodywork. It’s like sitting at the feet of an old healer telling stories. The stories show you, “This is what it can look like. You can heal this way, too.”  The stories help you make connections between the tension in your body and the emotional issues that may underlie them.  You see how you might also  shed your energetic “armor” and thereby get indirect permission to do so. The results can be amazing.

Sample story titles: (There are 20 in all.) A Briefcase Full of Blues; Top Gun; The Man with Sobbing Shoulders. The Onion of Incest; Going Large; The Woman with Stained Glass Eyes.

Retailers and Practitioners can buy Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out in quantity for resale in front offices, conferences, bookstores, etc.  Click here to see your buying options. The paperback ISBN is 978-0-982477-0-5.