overwhelmedFeeling Overwhelmed?

As the pace of life accelerates and this period of planetary shift intensifies, it’s normal to feel overloaded or overwhelmed.  With all the things you do and think in a day, where’s the room to reset and recover. The complexity of tasks you perform with your phone is astounding. And you do so much more in your daily life. Plus, you have a nervous system that doesn’t move that fast. You’ll feel better and ultimately preform better if you balance all the concentration that holds energy up in your head, with movement/exercise, rest and conscious eating. Sure, you know this, but how much do you put it into practice?

I’m just saying, throw your body a bone. Go to bed a little early tonight to get the sleep you know you need. Drink extra water today.  Read something fun – offline. Connect with nature in some way. You know what you need, but with your mind pushing you all the time, it can be hard to hear your body’s signals.  Think of one fun, manageable thing you can add (or subtract) from your day to make it more lovely.

This is a reminder and permission to take care of you today.

The mother of a starving family feeds herself, first.         ~ Buddhist proverb

Your emotional health and physical health are intimately intertwined. In fact, there is no separation between the two. Stress is the feeling we get as the body signals, “Too much! Time out!” Right now, as your are feeling overwhelmed, fill your energy reserves by doing something different, for yourself.  After that, buy a copy of Issues in Your Tissues and read it. It has cartoons, easy self-awareness exercises, and breathing tips that will help you hear and respond to your body’s signals before they get to the screaming level.