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I want to share with you, inspire you, catalyze healing in you. This is a check-in with you to make sure you know about all the resources I’ve put up for you.

At the peak of the blogging craze, I finally jumped in and started posting. The topics of my blog include offerings for your emotional and physical well-being, personal growth, positive change, self-acceptance. They take the form of tips; thought pieces; stories; and exercises for better breathing, drinking more (clean, structured) water, and other good things to do for your body and its emotional health. I threw in some recipes. Otters popped up here and there, because I love them.  The field was open.

I invite you to read all my blog posts and articles. I especially like the posts I wrote on Positive Evolution, Wise Moves at Wisdom, and Dancing to the Rhythms of Life . The post about our natural emotional empathy is a sweet one as well.

Inspiration to notice and appreciate

The exercises I offer tend to be “notice and appreciate”  or “go inside and feel within” exercises that shift your perspective or expand your awareness.  My material is meant to catalyze an experience that heals you in some way.  Conscious experiencing is key to the process.

Of course, I’d like you to explore my entire website. It has over 150 pages of content that we’ve been putting up for years.

I have accounts on Facebook (please LIKE it!), Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube – although I’d rather that you contact me directly by e-mail.

I invite and encourage you to use the regular Contact form on my site.

Beyond that, check out my book, Issues in Your Tissues.  I am currently writing the next book, Breathe Free, and will post excerpts here when they are ready.  I offer Workshops for the general public and professional groups (such as yoga instructors and psychotherapists.) You can come to me for Private Sessions to work on specific issues and go deep in your personal healing.  We are currently working on downloadable portions of my book and instructional videos on Square Breathing and the various exercises in my book.

There’s a lot going on here and I welcome you to be a part of it.  Let us be a part of your healing journey. Your healing is a breath away.

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