tearsWhat Do You Do When Your Clients Cry During a Treatment?

Emotional Release Guide for Professionals in a Spa or Clinical Setting

Tears are a normal human emotional release. Learning how to hold space for emotional release in a spa, healing, or bodywork setting is an important part of your professional development. Doing it well will also endear your clients to you and bring them back because they feel safe. That is a huge gift.

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We all have emotions and when they build up, a kind word or touch can unleash an unexpected flow of tears or even anger.

If you are a bodyworker, esthetician, beautician, or perform a service that touches people, you will come into contact with unplanned emotional release. The energy of unshed tears, pent-up anger, and long-held grief are stored in the body’s tissues and at some point, your touch will trigger release. Using these space-holding skills can turn a potentially embarrassing experience (for both of you) into a healing one.

Tears on the Table are normal. Read the full article for full details about handling emotional release.

This article originally appeared in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques – for Spa Professionals.

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