What if today you were just grateful?

Gratitude. It’s a concept, a feeling. You know what grateful feels like.

Cultivate gratitude by thinking of something you feel grateful for, and then breathe into that feeling to amplify it.  Then do it some more, with another someone or something you’re grateful for. And again.

It’s a practice that only works when you feel it – in your heart, in your body, with breath.

Keep doing it – now and then, in the transitions of your day – and you will soon find yourself drenched in beauty and good feeling – like flowers sprouting up all around you. Gratitude is wonderfully contagious!

You can make lists of what you’re grateful for and post them by your mirror or computer. You can tell people what you’re grateful for, often. It doesn’t matter that you express it outwardly but that you feel it inwardly. It feels delicious.

Grateful for Everything!

Here is a quick list of what I’m grateful for, today:

I Am grateful for: My body, my loving heart, my eyes, my children, the man I love, my hands, my friends, a safe roof over my head.

I Am grateful for people who read my posts (you).  People who let my book open their hearts. I am grateful for people who allow me to help them. People who believe in me and help me, like like the beautiful woman in the photo, who showed up wearing exquisite blue and her radiant smile.

I Am grateful for: Beauty in nature, healthy food to eat, people who care about children, and the environment, and sustainability. I’m grateful for the microbes in the soil that sustain all life; and sunshine; and my faith in the earth to heal herself.

Now I’m on a roll and watching flowers of gratitude spring up all around me! There’s so much to be grateful for!

Together, my friends, we are all healing.

With gratitude and love,


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