IssuesTissues- Ch 1-Breathing 101Do you Breathe Like You Mean it?

If you could improve your breathing without changing your schedule at all, would you do it?

  • You can do it any time without interrupting your day or anyone knowing you’re doing it.
  • It doesn’t cost anything.
  • By breathing more, you can gradually clean out your whole system and over time, ease symptoms of allergies, high blood pressure, overeating, smoking, and stress out of your body.
  • Release the old emotional baggage you’ve carried for years and find ease and joy in your body.

You can do all those things, and my book, Issues in Your Tissues, will show you how. And that’s just in Chapter One.

The process starts with your willingness to take a full breath and breathing in the transitions of your day

With each breath as you breath more fully, oxygen and energy flows through your body. You feel better rather than shut down and feel worse.

What I have to show you about fuller breathing is so simple and easy to do. Once you get it, you’re going to want to play with it. And that play will feel great!

There are even greater treasures to discover within your inner landscape if you are willing to explore further. You already have the answers to what’s ailing you. Your body has been telling you all along – and this is your opportunity to re-member your body’s language.

Full breath is your natural birthright. You are designed to breathe using the abdominal muscles and diaphragm to pump air and energy in and out of the lungs. That’s how you breathed as a baby —from the belly. Unfortunately the habit of breathing fully and deeply usually shifts to shallow breathing as the pressures of socialization and stressful or scary experiences drive you out of your body and “into your head.”

You don’t even realize it’s happening. Your breathing changes automatically in response to perceived threats and to anything you resist—i.e. stress. That’s part of the “fight or flight” response – a survival mechanism we overuse and then we develop the unconscious habit of breathing less in order not to feel emotions the mind says are too scary or overwhelming.

Get out of Your Head and Come Back Into Your Body

Also, when we think, we pull energy up from our body, lock it up there with tight neck and shoulder muscles, and breathe minimally or hold our breath as we concentrate. This drains the body of its energy as the energy accumulates in the head area. When we do this all day long, by quitting time we feel out of balance and too tired to have fun in the evening. We might recognize that we need to breathe more but life is busy, full of stress, and we don’t see when or how we can work on our breathing.

Breathing fully, the way you were born to do, circulates energy through the body, revitalizing and nourishing all systems. As you deepen the breath, your muscles relax, thinking slows, and you feel more space in your body. You invite creativity to flow through. The mind looses its stranglehold on your attention and allows you to feel your emotions. The mind , wanting control, tells you that feeling all our undigested emotions will overwhelm—even kill—you. But that’s not the truth.  With the tool of understanding, you can feel all your emotions, and be the better for it.

You have a fantastic capacity for Joy!

You have incredible insight and aliveness in your body if you allow your attention back in there enough to experience it. Reconnecting with your emotions is a vital part of healing. Your soul knows it. Your body knows it too. You just have to remember yourself (read that as re-member) and come back to the connectedness you were born to live. I believe it is the fundamental work of a human lifetime to heal and re-integrate the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.  You have to do it for your self. No one can do it for you. It starts by taking a full breath. So, if you are willing, come take the journey with me, by reading the book I wrote for you, with love and the best healing insights you can buy.

Get your copy today.

*Excerpted and adapted from Issues in Your Tissues: Heal body and Emotion from the Inside Out   © 2015 Denise LaBarre

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