A Cure for Cancer?

cure-cancerI just watched The Beautiful Truth. It’s an indie film about Dr. Max Gerson’s amazing cure[1] (yes, cure!) for cancer and other generative diseases. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte, contracted bone tuberculosis as a child and he developed the treatment to cure her. It worked. Gerson then used it successfully with other patients. His controversial book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases, earned him both thousands of healing successes. Gerson also faced strong opposition and persecution from those who tried to suppress his findings. Now in her 90s, Charlotte Gerson, established The Gerson Institute and actively promotes her father’s legacy.

The controversy surrounding Gerson Therapy does not make it invalid. This is important information if you are:

1. interested in long-term health.

2. interested in practical and successful alternatives to our health care system.

3. or, you know anyone with cancer or a degenerative disease who would be open to a non-conventional cure.

Watch this movie. The approach deserves your attention, even if cancer or degenerative conditions aren’t your immediate concern. The information can save lives, potentially even that of someone you love.

Commitment to Life

It is clear that Gerson Therapy requires a serious commitment. That’s what it takes to reverse a terminal diagnosis. Whether you go to one of their treatment centers, or do it at home, it’s a rigorous program. (Then again, chemotherapy and radiation seem pretty rigorous to me, too.) Preparing and eating the food, doing the enemas, and living the cure is a full-time job, and requires support.  Clearly Gerson therapy is not for everyone, but it definitely seems to be doing more good that harm.  It certainly points to the importance of nutritional intervention and patient-empowerment. I will refer patients with cancer to this program. I would do it myself, if I needed it.

The basics of Gerson Therapy are:

  1. Eat only Fresh fruit & vegetables + fresh juice, in large quantities
  2. Specific supplements (B-12, pancreatic enzymes, etc.)
  3. No salt
  4. No animal fats/animal protein
  5. Coffee enemas (up to 5x day) [2]

I’m not suggesting you rush out and do Gerson Therapy, or even that it’s a cure-all for everyone. However, I am suggesting that it’s worth learning about. It intuitively feels like the protocol aligns with the body’s natural healing ability. Gerson’s detractors point out that some people still die after doing his Therapy. But if you want to get technical, everyone dies after any therapy… This therapy offers a less gruesome alternative to treatment than chemotherapy and radiation. It also has an amazing success rate.

Big Answers Require Big Shift

This raises big questions about the basic assumptions about diet and protein that many of us were raised with. I always believed in the importance of eating lots of protein. When I was a vegetarian I worried about not getting enough protein.  Maybe I need to re-examine that idea. American methods of large-scale food production have put our food supply – and our planet – in dire jeopardy. The American health care system has promoted pharmaceuticals as our cultural go-to. But simple, natural foods can be as powerful – without the side effects.  It’s clear we need to make substantial changes, and fast. By the quarter century, half of all American children are projected to have diabetes…! And that’s just one of many cautionary statistics we’re hearing lately. I will continue to look for solutions for how to feed ourselves and how to care for our health.

The Beautiful Truth raised the issue of the coffee enema again and next week I will share what I know about the procedure.  There are many issues to consider when dealing with cancer. Consider this approach among the other things you investigate on your healing journey.

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[1] See disclaimers and discussion of, Is the Gerson Therapy Right For You? “Gerson therapy does have its limits. There is no guarantee that any approach, conventional or alternative, will reverse every case of chronic disease or cancer.” http://gerson.org/gerpress/the-gerson-therapy/
[2] The Wikipedia citation for Max Gerson debunks his work and claims that three people have died from enemas. Conventional medical treatment now ranks as the third largest killer in “developed” societies, after heart disease and cancer.[2]   Please do your research about the appropriateness of enemas for you if you have risk factors.

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