doTerraKitThe Essential Power of Plants in their Healing Oils

You can have the healing power of plants available any time in your pocket or purse with an essential oil kit like this one I put together.

If you are not aware of the power of essential oils, let me explain why they deserve your attention and could become a valuable healing resource for you. Plants have myriad ways to heal and protect themselves and often those powers reside in their essential oils (think, essence.) Our blood (hemoglobin) shares 99% of its chemical signature with plant blood (chlorophyll). To a large degree, plant healing powers translate directly to heal humans.

Extracting the essential oil from a plant concentrates the healing power distributed throughout a living plant, into a few drops of oil. It’s potent stuff. I think of it as sunlight concentrated through the particular prism of each plant’s signature wisdom. The wisdom of basil is different than the wisdom of oregano, but they are both potent, and they help us in important ways.

Oils from Plants

Lemons and oranges, for example, have a relatively large amount of oil in their rinds so the essential oil is easy to produce (by cold pressing) and inexpensive[1]. Then there’s helichrysum italicum or immortelle, a type of straw daisy prized for its regenerative properties for the skin (esp scarring), nerve tissue, and inflammation. Helichrysum oil is relatively expensive[2] because it takes 10,000 pounds of flowers to make 1 liter of essential oil by steam distillation – and is thus a super-concentration of its regenerative essence. The French call it the “Fountain of Youth in a bottle.” The best oil comes from Corsica, where conditions are ideal for the plant so take not of an oil’s origin. Where and how the plants are grown affect the quality and potency of their essential oils.

Portable Convenience

Essential oils are as varied as the plants they come from. They are easy to store, use and carry. A small bottle in your pocket or purse can add a healing boost to your drinking water; uplift you mood; or soothe a cut or scrape. You can make your own version of my essential oil Travel Kit and take it anywhere. I made my kit with DoTerra oils in 5/8 dram bottles from The box came from Office Max.

OnGuard was the first doTerra oil I met.  It is a blend of clove, cinnamon, wild orange, eucalyptus and rosemary oils. I LOVE the way it smells! It makes me smile and feel warm and sweet. The woman who sold it to me told me to put a drop or two in my water when I felt a cold coming on. For over a year I did that[3], and never got sick[4]. I started putting it behind my ears when I went to a concert or into a large crowd.  People I met invariably told me how good I smelled when they hugged me. It served as perfume as well as well as “germ guard.”

Then I went to an “oil party” where the smells, energy boost, and healing possibilities of these super-pure oils hooked me for life. The woman who was teaching us had used the oils to heal herself from lingering fuzzy-brain and joint problems after a car accident. She explained that DoTerra uses only organic plants and produces the oils with extreme care and attention to purity. The purity level goes beyond both food grade to “therapeutic” grade, and most of the oils are labeled with Food Supplement Facts for human consumption. I knew I had found the access to plant medicine I had been looking for.

A Variety of Healing Powers

I bought the Family Physician Kit that has 10 oils – Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, Breathe, DigestZen®, and On Guard. I immediately fell in love with each oil in it. Each oil became a new revelation, a new beset friend.  I’m steadily learning more ways the oils help heal, clean, uplift and beautify. I applied straight helichrysum oil (doTerra) on various scars I had and watched them fade away. My MD husband now reaches for several essential oils instead of the over the counter meds he used to rely on.

The worldwide essential oil community is huge and growing. There is plenty to learn about each oil and there are huge resources on the Internet. Pick an oil that interests you and start learning about it. For more about DoTerra, the Company, read the footnote[5] below.


[1] $14 for a 15 ml bottle from doTerra.
[2] $100 for a 5 ml bottle from doTerra. You get the wholesale price if you become an IPC.
[3] A 5 ml bottle that I paid $15 for lasted me over a year and prevented – I don’t even know how – many colds.
[4] This is now the #1 oil I make sure I have on hand at all times, especially when any of us travel.
[5] DoTerra, the Company –   Throughout history healers and herbalists have made high-quality, 100% pure essential oils – but in tiny quantities from locally-available plants because the oils need to be extracted right at harvest. Most essential oils you buy are solvent-extracted or diluted to make them less expensive. Unfortunately, dilution often compromises potency and shelf-life. DoTerra has raised the quality bar on large-scale production of essential oils.
It’s not a get rich quick scheme. As in any business, it takes persistence and consistency to build a good income for yourself. DoTerra simply offers a great way to have a home-based business that supports family health and wellness.

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