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Last week I wrote about the Future of Healing Teleconference, a 12-day virtual gathering of many of the stars in alternative medicine, certainly some of the most high-profile.   Each presenter offers a slightly different piece of the healing puzzle wrt nutrition (esp gut health), hormones, supplementation, sexuality, advances in medicinal healing, and the like.  Last week I tuned into the gut/microbiome interviews and this week I was looking for more discussion of emotions and their place in healing the body – and I got it.  Many of the clinicians avidly acknowledged the role of our attitudes, gratitude and self-love as being pivotal for any other healing intervention. There is still more room for direct discussion of emotions in the body.

Host Marc David begins each interview with the question, “What got you to where you are now?” Most of the presenters had a healing journey to relate – some having come from very serious illness. Many of them began a career in allopathic (Western) medicine and then, either before or after getting their Medical Degree, veered off the traditional medical path.   What we have in this collection of presentations by well-informed, passionate and experienced healer-leaders in personal health care is the cutting edge of alternative medicine.  In the words of Dr. Alberto Villoldo “Increasingly, modern medicine is not Health Care but Disease Care.” And they have some poignant and useful things to say about caring for your health.

I was particularly interested in what Dr. Villoldo had to say. He is an MD interested in energy medicine and had done extensive research with modern South American shamans noting that, “shamans were our first neuroscientists.”

Stories can heal!

Storyteller, healer, and social activist, Lewis Mehl-Medrona, MD of Lakota Sioux and Cherokee heritage, is a family practice physician in New England, and author of many books including, Coyote Medicine.  He said, “In all my years of medical training, there was not one course on healing. You’d think that would be a major concern.” His Coyote Institute explores (among other things) The Power of Story to Heal. I was especially impressed when I went to his website and looked at his CV.   Now that’s an impressive piece of full-disclosure about where his studies got their funding!  What if all such medical researchers were that transparent!!?  He has made many, many impressive contributions toward a wider understanding and appreciation of traditional healing and spiritual practices.

In your own case, the answer to: Where you are now? points to how have you gotten to your current state of health or dis-ease and what direction are you pointed in as a result. Are you pointed toward more dis-ease? I was reminded that “Emotions turn into physical chemistry[1].”   Are you pointed toward more ease in your body with better sleep, digestion, etc.? Better health?

We have the Power to Heal Ourselves

According to Chiropractor, Fab Mancini, author of The Power of Self-Healing, Its our feelings that dictate our lives. We have the power to heal ourselves.” His patients claim that “they get well because of an emotional release.” I love hearing this becoming a “normal” thing to relate.

He continues, “You can actually alter the way the brain functions when you change your mind about what you’re doing.  …I can choose to beat myself up psychologically for what I’m eating or I can bless that food and be in a mindset that that food is going to be something healthy in our body. Most of the neuroplasticity science shows that we don’t differentiate between reality. Your brain can’t tell the difference. Bless your food. Tell yourself you’re taking in something that will help it. Meditation science has helped so many people…. The brain creates new synapses whenever you change your mind toward what you’re doing. I don’t want it to just be a physical healing, I need to make sure we all embrace the emotional components of healing.”

More from Fab

Another nugget: “You need to be humble enough to ask for help and then actually receive that help. “

Mancini went on: “Look around you. When you see something you know is wrong or out of balance. Know it all starts with you at this moment, with making the choice to live healthy”. He continued: “I choose to love myself and forgive myself.  To live a spiritual life and exercise on a daily basis. I choose to eat healthy, to include holistic practices to support what traditional medicine may not be supporting. When you do that, all of a sudden you find yourself in a place of empowerment and feeling the way you’ve been wanting to feel all along.”

“95% of your patterns are unconscious. Only 5% of the choices are conscious. That’s why it’s important to recognize that you are living out old patterns and belief systems. That’s what’s keeping you from changing your behavior. You’re not bothering to reprogram your brain with positive new patterns that are more constructive.”

Good oils & permission to pause

I enjoyed learning more about presenter, Udo Erasmus, the father of Udo’s oil.  In the 1980s Udo figured out how to process Omega-3 oils, specifically flax oil, without ruining their healing properties. He talked about the dangers of fried foods and processed fats. These wreak havoc on the human body. All of the presenters who mentioned oil insisted that we take more cleanly-processed Omega-3 oils and coconut oil! Udo’s recommendation is 1 Tablespoon for every 50 lbs of body weight per day.

I tuned in to listen to Aviva Romm – herbalist, mother, and Yale MD who doesn’t flaunt her medical degree – and was pleased to hear her first two actions steps: #1 Listen to Your Body (which was working title of my book, Issues in Your Tissues) and #2 Permission to Pause i.e. permission to take your time and tune in for the present-moment internal answers to the question,”what do I need/do/be now?”  She seems very warm, grounded and (of course) intelligent in a useful way.  It’s great to meet her and  other intelligent and caring healers who are working on the horizon of healing medicine.


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[1] Stress pioneer, Dr. Hans Selye found in the 1950s that “Stress is responsible for over 90% of our illness.”