I have never met anyone that I believed in what they were doing as much as I believe in Denise and her work.  I do not say that lightly. Its like the flood gates have been open. I thank God for Denise.

My time with Denise was miraculous and life-changing. My heart is so happy. Everyday I have new insights. When I left Alaska to come to Maui for my sessions, I weighed 178-180.  Today I weighed 162 lbs.  That seems like a lot of weight to loose in 2 weeks but I realized that was emotional weight. The shift happened when I released my anger and fear during my second session.  I know it because not only did I feel stronger and powerful, but I felt lighter. The burden was lifted.  It was like my fat was storing it. Now that it can, my body is quickly letting it go.

I continue not to need sleep meds. I know that by the end of this summer by body will be back to where it was before my knee injury, but even stronger because I am now whole again.

I love all of this so much that I can hardly contain myself.  I love that I met Denise and love being a healing catalyst. It is all so right.

~  Sue V, RN, Anchorage AK