Come Journey with DeniseI invite you to come journey with me in my new blogging venture – ARCHIVED

I resisted blogging but no more! Even though I’m playful, I hold my writing with deep integrity and wouldn’t want to let anyone down by being inconsistent.  If someone writes me a sincere, well-written letter, I respond, like a ball dog to a thrown ball, driven to respond to what was sent my way.  I tend to spend waaay too much time fine-tuning the phrasing and sometimes burn myself out by chasing a thought-stream wherever it takes me.

I also was afraid of full disclosure.  Strong women have been stoned to death, burned at the stake and worse,  their loved-ones were harmed to get them to submit.   But I’m also not afraid to stand up and I know I express myself clearly and with heart.  Maybe that’s enough. Use the contact us form if you want to get in touch, suggest a topic, or comment.

I am on a journey to heal myself to the core.  My mother died a month ago. My beloved old dog died a month before that.  I sit with hospice patients as they transition; death is a new companion in  my life and I’m learning to slow down.

This morning I realized that I have committed to healing my gut, my early trauma (in utero to 6 weeks,) and my relationships with men.  That’s a lot of deep work all at once.  But it rests on decades (my lifetime) of self-investigation and self growth. I’m on a path of self-mastery and my gifts are sensitivity to grok deep meaning and the words to share it with others.  The point is self-empowerment.

I’ll talk about the body and its emotions

We are majestic beings, come to be magnificent.  That’s our birthright.  We have this beautiful-sordid, crazy-quilt of a world as our canvas to paint the story of our soul.  I want to paint beauty there. I am beauty, and so are you. My task is to open my heart wide enough to receive support and share the love and appreciation that is also my birthright.

So, if I can keep on track, I will write about what I’m learning about the gut-brain axis, how I am cutting sugar and wheat out of my diet and still living in modern America, and about what I am learning about death and therefore, life.  Always I talk about the body and its emotions. I’ll give you self-care tips and resources. I have such admiration and respect for bodies. I’ve been listening to human bodies all of my life – we all have – and I have the words to translate what I’m learning for your empowerment.  If nothing else, hang out here to feel better about yourself, in mind, body, emotion and spirit.

You can do this. You can heal what ails you.  I’m your cheerleader and verbal shaman.  Come journey with me.  😉


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