An Investment in your physical and emotional Well Being is an Investment in the Quality of your Life

investmentYou and your body are inseparable. In this human life, your body is your vehicle and your relationship with it lasts longer than any other.  From your first breath to your last, nothing happens to you without your body, and every experience leaves energetic tracks in it.  For optimum functioning and true healing, you have to address both the physical and emotional components of every wound, injury, disease, and illness.  You are worth it.  Make the investment in yourself.

Take the time to read Issues in Your Tissues. Make time in your schedule to go inside and heal the issues in your tissues. It’s definitely possible – and simpler than you might think. Denise’s book shows you exactly how to begin your healing journey.

Here, at Healing Catalyst, you will find the perfect blend of physical and emotional in one healing approach.

You access that healing approach:

1. by exploring the information on this website

2. by reading, Issues in your Tissues

3. by coming for private session work with Denise in person.  Follow-up support by Skype is now available for long-distance clients.

4. Take a Healing Catalyst workshop to build your skills and awareness – for sensitives, and healing catalysts of all kinds. (As you heal the issues in your tissues, you can step into your work as a healing catalyst, yourself.)

Your body deserves respect, appreciation and superb care

It deserves your attention and the time and money it takes to repair wounding and keep it in great condition.  How much time, money and energy do you spend maintaining your car? your home? your job?  You will have your body with you longer than any of those.  It’s not rocket science, but it does take some understanding of the way body, mind, and emotion work together to find the right pieces for your healing puzzle. That’s exactly what Issues in Your Tissues and private sessions aim to do – Give you the experience of connecting the dots for yourself.  Our work at Healing Catalyst aims for the complete functioning of your body-mind-emotional vehicle.

You can ignore, abuse, and ill-treat your body for only so long before it starts to call in the debt.

We all have emotional wounds, scars, dents in the pipes (so to speak) and you work around them.  Imagine how much better you would feel, function, and enjoy with the kinks un-kinked and the held places released.

What are you waiting for?  Call for a session or order your copy to start your better functioning, right now