Skype Sessions

You can continue the healing via Skype – No matter where in the world you live.

Huge healing shift tends to happen on Denise’s healing table. Once you have had a private session and experienced Denise’s hands-on work for yourself, you may want to continue the work long-distance after you’ve left Maui. Skype sessions are also great support to integrate healing changes into your daily life. Especially if you live in an area that doesn’t have an open-hearted or healing culture, you may need reinforcement so your healing changes take solid root.  Weekly- or even monthly- follow up Skype sessions can give you critical support to shift completely into the healthier, happier person you’re taking your healing journey to become. 😉


Also, healing happens in layers. As you peel back each layer, new issues emerge.  You won’t hop on a plane to Maui every time this happens, but a Skype Session can give you the encouragement, good cry – whatever you need – to make it through that challenging phase.

Anywhere there’s internet, you can stay connected and continue working at the depth you experienced in person.

$90/hr, paid through PayPal.  One hour minimum, then charged in 5-min increments.

Contact Denise LaBarre for more information. 😉