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Issues in Your Tissues answers these and many more questions, plus gives you insight and tools to help you make healing connections in your own body.

issues in your tissues Testimonials

There is something so pure, true, and sincere about your work.  My time with you was  miraculous and life-changing.  I don’t know if I ever before felt such pure emotion without holding back anything.   You’re really fun to work with and you really do live the world through child’s eyes. I like that you helped me remember that for myself.

Everyday I have new insights. When I left Alaska to come to Maui for my sessions, I weighed 178-180.  Today I weighed 162 lbs and I’m still losing.  That seems like a lot of weight to loose in 2 weeks but I realized today that was emotional weight. The shift happened when I released my anger and fear during my second session.  I know it because not only did I feel stronger and powerful, I felt lighter.  The burden was lifted.  It was like my fat was storing the emotions. Now that it can, my body is quickly letting it go.

The coolest thing is that I’m sleeping with no sleeping meds – for the first time in 20 years. I feel great every morning. I know that by the end of this summer by body will be back to where it was before my knee injury, and even stronger because I am now whole again. My heart is so happy. I feel fantastic, whole, and very powerful.  Thank you for what you do.                        ~  Sue V, RN, BSN, Anchorage AK

“Hurry up and write your next book. I’m ready for more stories and more healing!”         ~ L. Peña, Property Manager, Lahaina, HI

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