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Healing Catalyst Public Speaking on Maui, or Anywhere

– for everyone with a body and a willingness to feel better

Issues in Your Tissues Talk (45-90 minutes) 

Great for business audiences, service clubs, and gatherings of 10 or more.

A wonderful way to begin any conference, business seminar or other professional event. Denise LaBarre’s Public Speaking events enliven and refresh everyone who attends.  LaBarre’s passion is contagious. She helps her audience get out of their heads and embrace ways they can feel better immediately.  LaBarre’s body and emotion-centered presentation balances any business gathering; or, adds a fun, spirited addition to any health-related gathering.  Techniques presented in this talk help professionals improve their performance and overall well-being.

Come explore the unprocessed emotional energy you store in your body!

Within minutes, LaBarre will take you out of your habit of shallow breathing into full breath, the way you are designed to breathe. It feels wonderful and opens you mind and body to new and accessible healing possibilities.

yin yang symbolLearn how the habit of stuffing down unwanted emotion causes stress, physical problems and disease.

yin yang symbolShallow breathing, the mechanism of shut down, can be reversed with a little understanding and attention.  LaBarre gives simple, easy techniques to take home.

yin yang symbolMany people have aches, pains, and symptoms that haven’t resolved with a purely physical approach. Others are are simply eager to feel more alive and healthy in their bodies. LaBarre gives inspiration and practical information for everyone with a body and a willingness to learn more.  Listeners will come away feeling refreshed and appreciative of their bodies.

yin yang symbolEmpower your group with simple ways to breathe more.  Give them the body intelligence they need for complete well-being.

Contact us to learn more about healing Catalyst Public Speaking and Workshops on Maui. Or schedule Denise at your next business event – anywhere.

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