Issues in Your Tissues, Intuitive Bodywork, 90-Minute Private Sessions, on Maui

private sessions
For those interested in going beyond standard bodywork into integrated and lasting healing. This customized treatment catalyzes the reconnection of your body, mind and emotion through breath, awareness and intuitive play.  We incorporate touch, talk, and my intuitive gifts to deliver a unique and transformative experience.

When you arrive for a private session, we briefly discuss what’s troubling you and what you want to explore.  The session begins like a traditional massage, with you lying covered on a massage table.  I listen to your body with my hands and then the session takes it’s own course.  I use many different techniques  – among them shamanic sensing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, gestalt, rebirthing, and my signature empowerment ceremony.*  What happens is shaped by our conversation, what your body is telling me, and my intuitive guidance.  Every session is unique.

The possibilities are limitless!

yin yang symbolRelease long-held anger, resentment, sadness, grief.

yin yang symbolUnlock buried joy and vitality.

yin yang symbolReconnect with your inner child.

yin yang symbolReconcile with absent or deceased loved ones.

yin yang symbolReclaim your personal power from situations and relationships.

yin yang symbolExplore the emotional component of your physical symptoms, pain, or dis-ease to heal them completely!

yin yang symbolYour healing arc can culminate with a Power Circle Ceremony.  This is Denise’s original and customized process to anchor your transformation deep in your experience.

The only requirements for this intuitive therapy are that you are 1. open to the possibility of emotions being part of your physical issues, and 2. willing to explore within. It also helps to have read my book, Issues in Your Tissues. Simply becoming familiar with Chapter 1 can shorten your healing arc by a full session. Denise intuitively accesses your body’s wisdom and let it guide us.  Exploring your old wounds this way gives us access to answers and healing possibilities not available through the conscious mind.  Healing this way is surprisingly direct and easy.

Most people experience tangible relief and possibly a complete shift of their presenting issue after 2-4 sessions.  Clients return periodically as other life issues arise.

*My process is unique and not limited to the rules of any one modality.   I mention some of the modalities I call from to give you an idea of the range of possibilities. See  Power Circle Ceremony for a description of this unique and customized ceremony.

Experience the connection for yourself.  Call 808. 575. 2244 to Book a private Issues in Your Tissues session on Maui, or inquire about bringing Denise LaBarre to your area for a lecture, workshop and private sessions.  All sessions run 90 minutes.

How much healing do you want?


Single Session                                   $200

Package of 3 Sessions                      $500

Ongoing sessions  (4+)                     $150

Kama’aina consideration given for those who work/earn on Maui (ask)

NOTE: No is one turned away for lack of funds. However, please understand that this is an energetic exchange, and money is an exchangeable form of energy.

Cash, check, credit card, and PayPal accepted.


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