The Healing Power of Turmeric!

If you or your kids have inflammation, turmeric could become your most delicious, healing friend. Cooking with turmeric is an easy, healthy way to reduce inflammation and improve your overall health. 

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is largely a diet of foods (wheat, sugar, dairy) that create inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation becomes allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, anemia, arthritis – and that’s just some of the As!

Wherever possible, it’s better for you and your family to eat whole-food forms of a nutrient rather than lab-produced extracts and supplements. In the case of turmeric/curcumin, it’s easy to get the benefits in the whole-food form, and learning to cook with turmeric outside of curry gives you taste options you may not have realized. I would recommend to use the fresh root when you can get it and ground powder when you can’t – in everything from smoothies to teas to entrees.

*** This article first appeared in Maui Mama Magazine March/April 2016.

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