Do you have Issues in Your Tissues?

Take this short Issues quiz to find out. (20 Qs)

Issues quiz

Choose the option that most fits you.   If the options don’t fit you exactly, pick the closest one. This quiz is meant to be fun, get you looking at your mind-body-emotional connections, and give you an idea whether reading my book, Issues in Your Tissues, will benefit you.  It is not meant to diagnose any condition and you can take it as many times as you like.

1)  When I take a deep breath my belly usually?


Once you have your response, how do you feel about it? There’s no judgment here.  We all have things we’re working on. That’s part of being alive!

I hope this quiz inspired you to explore the emotional energy you might be carrying in your body that could be at the root of your other physical symptoms.  Most physical problems such as stress, tight muscles, headaches, sleep problems – the list is long – link back to emotions that never got expressed cleanly.

Check out the articles, pages and blog posts here, or order a copy of my book, Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out.  It has stories, cartoons, insights, processes and tools to help you identify and release the emotional energy that holds you back from being your healthiest, most alive and whole self.


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