It takes approximately 10,000 hours of Deliberate Practice to gain true expertise, so it helps to start young.                                                 ~ Anders Ericsson

author Denise LaBarre

Denise at age 3, already listening with her hands and touching with love.

Denise LaBarre began intuitively “listening” to bodies with her hands at age 7, regularly massaging her mom.  She studied psychology and languages and managed a translation/interpretation agency that handled the gamut of human language.  She went to massage school and asked questions of every body she touched, connecting the dots for herself, and telling stories that help others make the healing connections for themselves.

Denise realized as she worked with more people as a massage therapist that she was re-learning the universal language of the body and translating it for minds that had gotten socialized out of the habit of listening. She was using her intuitive ability to become a “body-mind translator” or “Body Whisperer.”

Denise LaBarre is a “Healer’s Healer ” combining many modalities from the fields of bodywork, psychotherapy*, and shamanic journey to connect her clients and readers with the alive connection they are born to enjoy.  The amazing results that come out of private sessions leave her in awe of the healing power we all have within us. Passionate about the work she does, Denise loves being the catalyst that reconnects people with the energetic aliveness they were born to enjoy. She does this through her writing, hands-on private sessions, workshops, and lectures.

Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out is her first published, non-fiction book. She is currently working on the next one.

Denise lives on Maui where she has a private healing practice, swims in the ocean, and watches geckos in the moonlight. Her kids are mostly-grown and off exploring the world.  Her intuitive wisdom and child-like curiosity factor into everything she does – from exploring the wonders of nature to leading clients through out-of-the-box sessions that reconnect them to themselves.

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*Among the psychotherapeutic modalities incorporated into her work are: IFS (Internal Family Systems); Sand Tray Therapy, NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming); EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); Gestalt Therapy; Past life regression; Family Constellation Therapy; Self-Therapy Journey, etc.

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