Unbearable Chronic Pain

I came to you with chronic pain in my hip, suffering for years on and off.  It had become unbearable.  I knew I was working through some past events that had felt unresolved, and had a sense you could be helpful with this.  I had an intuitive sense that the pain was connected somehow.

Your methods were sometimes strange but I played along anyway.  I was given a “safe space” to share and felt I heard without judgment.  I left feeling a lightness and the pain had left me.  I arrived home to a hot lavender bath, and slept for the first time in a VERY long time through the night pain free.  I woke up with surprise and gratitude.  I have had lots of different types of bodywork and have had relief only to have it return during the night.

What has happened since then has not been a miracle but a tapping into my emotional pain that has disguised itself as physical pain.  Denise, you helped me release that, and unlike all the other therapists gave me tools to teach me to continue to “release” the pain myself.

Has the pain returned, yes.  But without the intensity it had before, and I am able to breathe into it and it disappears again.  I have no doubt with time my body will be able to “remember” to release on it’s own.

Paying attention to how I hang onto stress and “triggers” and where I felt it and then breathing into it instead of fighting it is a wonderful tool, that seems so simple yet so powerful.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with this.

Thank you, you have a beautiful gift.  Thanks for sharing it with me!

~ Karen Keller, Artist and Hairdresser

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