Power Circle Ceremony

I needed some healing and Denise’s name jumped out at me from a list of healers on Maui. I picked up a copy of her book at a local bookstore to prepare myself for this “health catalyst”, wondering what that meant.  Her book startled me with the realization that I had forgotten how to breathe!  That simple re-training of breathing started a shift, physically and emotionally.  I was standing taller, and found the waves of daily frustration and exhaustion weren’t washing over me as often.  By the time I met Denise for our appointment, I was ready for anything!

Denise met me with a calm kindness that enveloped me in comfort and I trusted that I could open up to her without any judgement.   Her ability to hear my body was spot-on.  After some talk and bodywork, we shifted into a process that released pent up anger that had plagued me for years. Denise gave me the tools to access these buried feelings that had kept me from feeling the light and love that surrounded me.

We finished our sessions with a Power Circle Ceremony. The power circle consisted of gathering toys, rocks, and other objects from around her home that symbolized something significant for me.

She showed me examples of other people’s circles but they didn’t particularly speak to me. When I did my own though, I had the final shift that melted the emotional traps that had ensnared me in a 10-year downward spiral that culminated in cancer.  As I placed my feet in that circle I had built full of meaning, I felt a wave of strength flood my being and I felt reassured that my journey was far from complete; cancer wouldn’t take me and I still have a lot to give.  As I opened my eyes, I realized that I had the power all along.  Denise has this breathtaking ability to hand you the tools needed to break the rock walls that block out your brighter, bolder life.  I tried to thank her for the gift she gave me, and she reminded me that I was the one that did the hard work.  I recommend Denise to anyone that realizes they want the life of their wildest dreams, the life that is worth living for, one deep breath at a time!

~ B. Corradini, Cancer survivor

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