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I am shifting the focus of my blog and I wanted to let you know what’s up.

Up to now, I’ve shared health-related information (e.g. turmeric, self-care tips), healing insights that I was excited about (hip talk, open emotions) and other fun stuff.  Now we’re shifting into higher gear to focus on catalyzing your own healing and that of others you may work with.  No more hiding our light under a bushel basket, we’re going for it! 😉  The planet needs all of us to step into our empowered alignment now and be who we came here to be.

I am a Healing Catalyst – and so are you. We all have the potential to heal ourselves and help others. This will be your one-stop hub for healing and self-realization, especially on physical and emotional levels. Whether you are a healing professional or are simply interested in your own well-being, this is the source for you.  Please click here to sign up for notification when a new blog posts and other Healing Catalyst offers.*

What is a Healing Catalyst?

Healing Catalysts are curious – perhaps highly sensitive – people, interested in self-improvement, helping others, planetary sustainability, and using our energy, skills and gifts in service to greater well-being. We realize we don’t do the healing – the result is up to Spirit and the person (animal, situation) involved. We are the catalytic agent that connects the dots and sets the healing energy in motion with our intention, skills and love.  Most often – and most importantly  – we catalyze ourselves.

You don’t have to work with anyone else to be a Healing Catalyst. As you work on your “issues” you naturally shine more light and help others in subtle and obvious ways.

Healing Catalyst Network

We are building a hub of healers, healing resources to be a beacon for transformational, integrative healers who use ALL of their resources in service to people and the planet. At the top of the resource list is intuition – including clairsentience, clairaudience, and any way you are especially “sensitive” to energies around and in you.

We were born with the blueprint for everything we need in this life – love, health, awareness, connection, abundance, joy and beauty. The pain, trauma and illness of our lives is our portal for transformation. They usually aren’t easy to go through, but they make us stronger and wiser and eventually, we see their value.

My personal style is characterized by directness, playfulness, and open-hearted curiosity.  My “inner child” isn’t inner, she is fully-integrated into my personality and I/we invite you to play with us! One of my specialties is helping people reconnect with the child-like qualities you may have had to sacrifice or hide in order to get through your childhood.  Kids need a safe place to feel and express their emotions. So do adults.  With the right nudge your child-selves can quickly come to communicate freely with your adult-self and all your aspects have a seat at your executive table. This is whole-being integration and your key to physical and emotional health.

As I step into my role as the Healer’s Healer, I welcome you and all your abilities to the table. This is not about “I’m better” or “I’m a more-powerful blah-blah.” Dog-eat-dog is out. We are here to support each other and be supported.  If you want to become your full self, be supported in your healing and on an ongoing basis, and support others, likewise – stay tned here and come to one of our trainings. The first one is in May!


The foundation stones for the Healing Catalyst Network I’ve dreamed about are in place.  On the weekend of May 14-15, a hand-picked (by me) group of 10 healers will gather at a stunning Haiku location and catapult themselves to the next level of personal and professional empowerment.

The planet needs the skills, resources, and love of its sensitives  Many healers still struggle with their own wounding in a way that prevents them from shining their full light in the world. The time has come to move beyond that wounding, cast off limiting beliefs and step into our superpowers as intuitives.

In this Master Intuitive Healer Training, Healing Catalysts – bodyworkers, life coaches, psychotherapists, yoga instructors, medical pros, & alternative providers – will come together to heal their deep emotional wounding, experience unprecedented support from peers and colleagues, and build the life and practice of their dreams.

If you haven’t already joined our mailing list do so now to get the details of this exciting new offering.  Together, we can clear away anything that stands in the way of our complete fulfillment and create the new paradigm we know awaits us.

Please come join us on Maui in May!

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If you want more ongoing health-related information, I recommend DrAxe.com for tips, recipes and articles about clean eating, gut health support, and daily support as you heal.

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Healing Catalyst

Healing Catalyst

We at Healing Catalyst want to help you embody the healthiest, most powerful you. My book, workshops, and private sessions give you understanding and tools for deeper healing changes. My blog, website, and videos offer insightful tips, inspiring stories, and reminders to breathe, come back into your body, and feel the aliveness that you were born to live.
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