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I am so grateful…

I am so grateful to have met Denise and to have experienced two amazing healing sessions! My body, especially my shoulders and neck, were transformed from armor to soft and relaxed tissue as I released emotional blockages, tears, needing to overwork to feel good enough, unresolved grief and loss, and physical and emotional healing from damage related to cancer and treatments. I enjoyed sharing and laughter about love and relationships and reconnecting with my little Colleen and “hot” 20-y…

Your book is so helpful

Denise, your book is so helpful.  I was totally one of the people who couldn’t breathe deeply at first, even when I tried. I am glad you talked about that in your book and I’m now beginning to get in full breaths.  I can’t tell you what a Godsend your book is to me! ~ K. Gordon, Artist, NYC

Body Intelligence



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