You have access the healing resources I refer to in this short video. Read my book, Issues in Your Tissues, to learn how.  The book has stories, cartoons, and practical tools for you to use to heal body and emotion from the inside out!

Stress?    Pain?    Unwanted Emotions?    Dis-ease?
Make the Mind-Body Connection Work for You!

  • Find the causes of persistent and unexplained pain
  • Learn to breathe easily and fully throughout your day
  • Alleviate stress and the physical problems it can cause
  • Get out of your head and feel younger, more alive and relaxed in your body
  • Find out what your body is telling you!
  • Release stuck emotional energy that has been causing your symptoms – tension, pain, and dis-ease – and heal completely
  • Add emotion to the mind-body connection for whole-being healing!

Mind-Body Connection

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