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Your book is so helpful

Denise, your book is so helpful. I was totally one of the people who couldn’t breathe deeply at first, even when I tried. I am glad you talked about that in your book and I’m now beginning to get in full breaths. I can’t tell you what a Godsend your book is to me! ~ K. Gordon, Artist, NYC

Massage Therapist Approved

I enjoyed the journey of reading Issues in Your Tissues. LaBarre is perceptive. We all have this potential to heal ourselves using intuition as the vehicle. I am glad to see this information so well presented. ~ Rita Okeane, Former Principal Massage Therapist, Four Seasons Hotel, Wailea

Issues in Your Tissues Should be a Best Seller!

Your book is a great work and I love it! Thanks again. Your book should be a best seller. I recommend it to everyone! ~ Robert King, Texas

Inspired Means… “In Spirit”

Thank you for your life – changing, respectful, and inspirational work. That’s what the word inspired means… “in spirit”… right? I appreciate your kind & gentle way of guiding me through so many issues and helping me to see how I can simply CHOOSE different beliefs, outcomes, and responses. While I have understood this on an intellectual level, I clearly wasn’t grasping it on the emotional / physical plane. I am grateful for yesterday’s experience and the amount of knowledge and positive energy that you put into your life’s work. ~ T. Ramsey, Prague, Czechoslovakia

In My Body Again!

“I could feel an immediate difference—like I was embodied again. That I was fully inside of my body, instead of floating outside of it. I had a lot of difficult emotions moving through me at first [then] I found myself inspired, and it hit me—my creativity. It came whirring alive inside of me, deep inside of me, and I suddenly found myself wanting to write it out. Thank you for reconnecting me to that voice. Getting that surge of creativity was like having my insides turn from a black oblivion, that wormhole, into an incandescence.” ~ Client, Mahu (Hawaiian word meaning “having characteristic of both sexes”)

Exactly What I Needed

I read the book – loved it! – and then went to Maui to have a session. What Denise does in person is light years ahead of even what she describes in her book. Maybe because it was exactly what I needed. I don’t have words to describe what happened but it feels like a light went on and I hadn’t even realized my bulb was out. I am blown away and forever grateful. ~ T. Faught, Phoenix

Ah-ha moments from the Book

I just finished reading your book. What a delight! I was sad when I reached the end – I wanted to read more! The stories brought the book to life. There were many ah-ha moments – some for me, some for my clients. ~ Inga Jackson, MT, Cape Town, South Africa



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